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We are living in the era where around 2.5 billion of the population is having smartphone in their hand. Which means we have the power to learn and grow, because smartphone is that one thing, which gives you the opportunity to learn and grow on the go, provided that you know how to use it in the right way.

This blog post is specifically for students, so if you are not a student then I would recommend you to not waste your time reading this post. Here I am going to share some of the most popular mobile apps for students, using which they can become more productive along with that using these apps – you can Learn, earn and Grow.

I have personally used these apps and found very much productive and these apps have also influenced my life, and had helped me in not wasting my time, instead using it in the right and effective way.

So without wasting any further time lets have a look on the life changing apps

10 Apps Every students must have:

  • To do list(SplenDO)

This app is very much useful for those students, who cannot keep a track of their daily routines. SplenDo is a smart task list for everyday use. It is very much user-friendly. SplenDO will help you in better in beign better organized!

At home, at work and in your free time you will focus on really important things!

Some of the Key Features of this app are:

User friendly task management

Grouping task in handy task lists

Smart home screen widgets shows instantly what to do

So if you want to be better organized daily, so without wasting any further second just download SplenDO.

  • Educational apps like – Coursera, udemy, etc

We are living in a generation where skills matter more than college degree. If you have the right skillset than there are many people out there who will pay you for your skills. These educational apps will help you to aquire those skills from the experts in their respective field.

These apps offers many free courses which you can join and build you skills. Apart from the free courses there are various paid courses which are offered by the Top universities around the world.

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They also offer you certificates after the successful completion of your course, which you can add in your CV and make it look more attractive.

So you are trying to aquire the skills then download the apps given below, apart from the apps listed below, there are various other apps available, but these are the most trusted apps( as per my research )

Download Coursera from here

Download Udemy from here

  • Wikipedia

Believe me you might be thinking what foolish is he talking about. I know that you must be using Wikipedia daily. But you know there is a Wikipedia app also available out there. Many of us use Wikipedia daily for some or the other purpose, and for doing so, we have to open the browser, visit Wikipedia and then search the required information, which is a time consuming process. Instead you can download the Wikipedia app and get all your information at one tap.

Click here to download Wikipedia.

  • Earning apps like Wooplr, meesho, swagbucks, etc

We students are always in lack of money. And if you have a Girlfriend in your student life!! Then I don’t have any words for that. But I have one question for you!! How do you manage you expenses?? J

If you are a student, then you must be having some free time with you, so why not convert this free time into money. These earning apps help you to make money in your free time.

For example: Lets consider wooplr here, this app helps you to resell various products and you earn commission( Click here for the complete tutorial on wooplr), so in your free time you can resell their products and make money out of that.

Apart from wooplr there are various other apps like: Swagbucks from which you can earn by completing surveys and other tasks.

So, these earning apps will help you to make money and after that you can manage the Expenses of your Girlfriend/Boyfriend.

P.S – Just joking!!

Links to some of these earning apps is given below:-

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Download wooplr from here

Download Swagbucks from here

  • Home Workout Apps

We all know that a Healthy mind house of creative ideas, so in order to keep our mind healthy we need to workout.

Many of you might complain that you are not healthy because you don’t get time to go to the gym for your exercise.

If you are a person who wants to be healthy without going to gym, then these workout apps will help you to be healthy, and guess what they are completely free and also you don’t need any equipment to do your workout, what you need is a right mindset.

 As a student you need to be healthy and open to new ideas. So download these workout apps and start getting healthy

Link to download home workout app

  • News Applications( Like the Hindu, Times of India, etc )

As a student we need to be always alert and updated about what is happening in our country and around the world, so here comes the role of news apps. These apps help you, to be updated on the go.

There are thousands of News applications available out there, and I have listed below some of the most popular News applications.

Times of India

The Guardian

Economic Times

The Hindu


  • Gaming applications

Haaa…aa you might be thinking that how gaming apps can be productive and can save our time, well you are right. But gaming applications are also important because these helps you to burst your stress and relax yourself.

I am not recommending you to always play game, but you should also not avoid it completely. If you were busy the whole day and you want some rest and relax your mind and body, then you can play the mobile game for some interval of time.

There are thousands of mobile games available on the internet, you can download any of your favourite choice, but I will be sharing with you some of my favourite mobile games that I personally like and play in my free time.

Click here for the list of my Favourite mobile games

  • Google Applications Full package.
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The apps which google offers are very much productive and helps us in saving our precious time. So google apps are very much important like- Gmail: where you can get all your mails and reply them, Youtube: where you can watch quality videos and can become more productive.

It is very important for you to have google applications in your smartphones.

  • Social Media applications ( Like Facebook, Instagram, etc )

What nonscence are you talking? How can social media apps be good for students? Well I know that most of the students just using social media for their Time Wastage, and spend a lot of time on the social media.

But if you use social media in the right way, then it can be a “blessing in disguise”, there are many pages on the social media – where people share useful information, and there are various groups where you can discuss certain topic and get the answer within few minutes.

So if social media is used in the right way and with a right mindset, then this can be useful otherwise you know it very well.

  1. Linkedin

This is a social media for professionals, this is very important because it helps you to get connected to with people/experts in your field. From linkedin you can get very useful information and get connected with the professionals.

So if you have not yet created your linkedin account yet, then go and create your linkedin account. And also don’t forget to follow me on linkedin.

Click here to create your account on linkedin


So these were some of the apps which I found out that these will be productive for the students. Using these apps you can manage you day and become productive at the same time.

As you have read have, you might have noticed that I have included apps from various categories, which means if you use these apps in the right manner, you will not only improve in your academics but you can also improve you overall personality.

I hope this post has helped you in some or the other way. If you know any other app that will be good for the students that don’t forget to mention that in the comment section below.

If this post has helped you then please don’t forget to share it with your friends and colleagues, so that they could also be benefitted by these apps.

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