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Let us get the meaning of the keywords (Education, Love and Undeniable) in this article title before we go into details. “Education” is the act of receiving or giving systematic instruction, especially at a school or university. This definition implies that you must go to school or University before you can be educated. Love is a great attraction and pleasure in something irrespective of the condition of that thing. “Undeniable” is defined as certainly true. In a nutshell, we will give you 15 certainly true reasons to never give up on pursuing education irrespective of the time, sufferings, inconveniences you will face while being educated.

15 Undeniable reasons to love education

1. Education Makes You Aware Of Your Rights

Education informs you about your rights as a citizen of the country at the same time as your responsibilities. Whether they are the fundamental human rights, rights against maneuvering by your boss or consumer rights, awareness of your rights is essential. Being educated allows you to be informed that your opinion is important when you are being maneuvered or when you notice that something is not going right around you.

2. Education Increases Your Creativity

Education is compulsory for innovation to occur. We dwell in the Twenty-first century where technology is superb and many discoveries which have eased our day to day activities. Education permits us to think wide and do something extraordinarily and creatively thereby giving one an advantage over the others.

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3. Education Allows You To Be Able To Overcome Superstitions

Superstitions are pointless and unproven concepts that arise from the inspiration of the educated without any scientific experiments and theory to support it. Nowadays, many superstitions are linked with the culture of the illiterate. Via education, people are now refuting the unproven superstitions they used to accept.

4. Education Helps In Improving The Health Sector

Education has led to various investigation programs being carried out to provide a cure for several diseases which have proved victorious for most diseases that were previously known to be deadly. Medical sectors have made a great effort in the medicine world and continue to give their all in trying to make incurable and new diseases curable, today; there are numerous vaccines to immune us and drugs to make us heal rapidly. Great thanks to education, we now have better medical facilities and resources than our forefathers did do.

5. Education Improves Your Decision-making Efficiency

Education influences one’s decision making in crisis with crisis management skills by evaluating the merits and demerits of every decision before making it. Such quality aids a person to make the right decisions not just for oneself but also for others. A common example to back this up is that most literate people have fewer people than illiterate ones who are swimming in the ocean of poverty.

6. Education Confers Knowledge

Knowledge is power. Education helps to confer knowledge. The knowledge gotten from education is on different fields ranging from political science, history, mathematics, to science. The knowledge gotten from education can be of enormous use which can result in huge innovations and revolutions to the fundamental meaning of a dictionary term.

7. Education promotes Peace and Justice in the society

Education is a significant precursor to a peaceful society. Education greatly influence our knowledge to distinguish between what is right and what is wrong, what is considered to be moral and ethical in the society, thereby; reducing the crime rate. This is the reason why most criminal cases: theft, robbery, and other illegal acts are carried out by mostly illiterate people.

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8. Education Prevents You From Being Fooled

We dwell in a society where some people delight in taking advantage of others for their selfish interest. It is easier to exploit uneducated people than it is to exploit educated people. Education about your rights, the law, places, and even mathematics will prevent you from being easily fooled into signing fake documents or being tricked.

9. Education Alleviates Poverty

It is undeniable that education is the most assured way of alleviating poverty. Education gives people the necessary skills and resources to be self-dependant. Education helps people secure jobs which bring in certain payment to increase one’s standard of living. Assuming most children in underdeveloped countries were educated, they would have increased their standard of living and contribute towards the development of their countries hence, alleviating hunger and poverty.

10. Education Update Us To The Latest Technology

The level at which technology is growing is unbelievable. We have got androids, smartphones, phones that can be folded, 5G network, social networks, etc. some years back, these technological advancements do not exist, and we cannot do without them currently. It is only if you are educated that you can comprehend the significance of such innovations and make use of them in a way that benefits you: either to improve your personality or set up a business. Education plays an important role in this dynamic technological world.

11. Education Helps Boosts Confidence And Respect

Education gives one the confidence to communicate their ideas as well as one’s skills and utilize them most appropriately. Aside from confidence, education enhances respect, getting a Prof or Dr. prefixed before your name will suddenly change everything about you, whatever you say is now meaningful, people will start taking you seriously and offering you much respect.

12. Education Improves The Economy Of A Country

Countries with larger groups of literate people are the world richest countries and have highly stabilized economies because once the people of a country are well educated, they compete to be self-dependent which then results to a more increased productivity finally resulting to a high per capita income and adds to the country’s GDP. While countries with high illiteracy levels have most people living in poverty. Education improves the economy of any country.

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13. Education Teaches Equality

Education teaches us the significance of impartiality and equality. Education teaches everyone that they are liable to impartial treatment regardless of either their gender or race. Education teaches us to neglect gender and social contrasts. It also plays an important role in women empowerment and emphasizes that women are important in society and should be treated equally as men. Desiring the world where people are given equal opportunities? Education is a must-have.

14. Education Guarantees Wealth

We all want a good life, a life of no stress? Education gives you this wealth and money. Although money might be the origin of all evil, it undeniably does make surviving easier. An educated person has a higher probability of landing a high paying job than an uneducated one.

15. Education Is Important For A Happy And Stable Life

Look around, and you will note that educated families are happier than uneducated ones. To live a happy life and afford the things you desire and make your dreams come true, you certainly need to get educated. Besides, education secures a stable life such that; education brings a good job and brings earnings. Thus this results in financial stability which offers a good standard of life. If you have a good social reputation, a good home, a great job, a car and get to enjoy other facilities around you, then you would indeed be living a happy life don’t you think? Nonetheless, if you are uneducated, you would have to get a job that offers low earnings hence, struggle to make ends meet.

Even if you might not think that education is the answer to having a happy and good life, you probably agree that it is undoubtedly is the key to securing a promising future with a lot of other things that make you happy. Education is without a doubt, vital! As a wise man once said: “Education is the best legacy.”

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