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It is either brain or brawn.

The innovation of internet has brought along many opportunities to make money as either the main source or the augmenting source.  These ways work only if you invest sufficient time. It is not a matter of day dreaming rather it calls for action.

  1. Academic writing

For you to begin this kind of writing, you need to have a computer/Laptop and good access to the internet. The next step is to link up with a person having an account were various assignments are posted. With time you can buy your own account. There are many sites that sell the accounts. These include but not limited to Essay Writers, Essay Shark, Edusson, Essay pro and Academic Writer. The real work entails doing some basic research over the internet and in some journals in order to answer questions posted by clients. After submission and approval of your work, you are in turn paid. The payment depends on whether you own an account or you are working for some one owning an account. The average pay when one owns an account is US $ 6, and half the money for the hired writers.

  • Become Youtuber

You tube is one of the major platform for relaying information contained in videos. Thousand of people visit You tube in a single hour either to watch political news, education, jokes or motivation. If you can shoot good videos and the upload them you can easily make money. All you need to do is to open your own You tube channel and begin to post the videos immediately. After you gain traffic into you channel, apply for adverts to be posted. If 1,000 or more people view the video that contains adverts, you are paid.

  • Blogging and Affiliate Marketing

At a glance you may be worried what is affiliate marketing may be because you are not a business student, but it is simply signing up for some particular affiliate program and then link it to your blog. Any time you refer customers to buy products through your link, you earn some cash. This will be easier if you have a blog and your blog has high traffic.

  • Writing E-books

Our world has been swallowed by technology. People read magazines, newspapers and books using tablets, phones and computers. Many people prefer carrying their electronic devices rather than a big book. Besides this, there are many people online who are seeking information on various topics like health, education, entrepreneurship and personal development. Writing an e-book with well structured content can earn you some good amount. An e-book of about 100 pages can do well.

What you need to do is just to write a word document, hire somebody to proof read it as well as a designer to design the cover page for you. After this you can post an excerpt from your book in social media and then get the feedback from your friends and family members. Afterwards, make few changes as recommended by your family and friends then Publish it. You can either use social media to invite people to buy it or you can create an Amazon Kindle account and post your book. Amazon will avail the book to its million customers and then sell it for you for a commission.

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  • Freelancing.

This is one of the popular ways to make money online and I bet you have heard of it. It needs you to write content on various issues for some freelancing companies. There are many free-lancing companies that offer this job. iwritter, Upwork, freelancer and Listverse. All you need it to create an account, update your portfolio and then place bids for jobs.


Finally, these were some of the ways in which you can make some real cash online, by seriously giving some time online. These ways can be very much useful if you dedicate time and effort.

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